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Conservapedia: “Righting” wrongs

Did you know that liberalism is a mental disorder? Darwinian evolution is a lie? Homosexuality is a sin? Or that Barack Obama is an anti-American Maoist Muslim? No? Well, I refer you to Conservapedia, America’s ultra-Right answer to Wikipedia. Founded in late 2006 by attorney and homeschool teacher Andy Schlafly after he took particular offence … Continue reading

Social media driving revolutions

Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak was finally forced to step down ignominiously on Friday. Meanwhile, the world watched on as the protests swelled in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. We heard through Twitter, Facebook, and good old-fashioned reporting what was happening on the ground. But did technology play a bigger role than to provide the outside world with … Continue reading

The emerging art of data stories

Visualising and mashing data has historically been the responsibility of designers and coders, but an increasing number of people with editorial backgrounds are trying their hand at both, largely due to a widening awareness of what is now possible. During his Knight Journalism fellowship at Stanford University, multi media editor Geoff McGhee interviewed visualisation trendsetters on … Continue reading

Capture Cardiff 1: the decline of local pubs

What makes a perfect pub? For George Orwell, wistfully writing in 1946, there were ten precise criteria – including motherly barmaids, draught stout and tobacco available at the bar. Any attempt to define a perfect pub is, of course, entirely subjective. But Orwell’s question may yet become academic. According to staggering statistics from the British … Continue reading

Will Lewis: The Times they are a-changing

Will Lewis, Group General Manager for News International and former Editor-in-Chief at Telegraph Media Group, addressed the Cardiff Business Club on Monday night at St. David’s Hotel in Cardiff Bay. I was fortunate enough to attend the event along with a handful of JOMEC students.

Joanna Geary: virtual communities

Newspapers whose employers look down on their readers can have no hope of ever succeeding as a business. This was Murdoch’s message in his address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 2005. Fast-forward five years and Joanna Geary (@timesjoanna), web development editor for The Times, couldn’t agree more.

Cardiff at Christmas

A snap shot of Cardiff in the run-up to Christmas. Check out the nifty camera skillz!


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